Binghamton University Pi Tau Sigma is the Alpha Eta Chapter of the International Mechanical Engineering Honors Fraternity. The Alpha Eta chapter was initiated in April 1993. Membership is upon invite and interview basis each semester to the top quarter of the junior mechanical engineering class and top third of the senior mechanical engineering class.



Members fulfill professional, social, and service requirements to maintain membership each semester. All members are required to attend induction ceremonies and attend a specific number of chapter meetings per semester as well. Through our events, PTS members both strengthen the campus community through tutoring, mentoring, and various service projects, as well as benefit from professional and social opportunities.

History/Overview (sources: Pi Tau Sigma NationalBU Pi Tau Sigma)

colorlogo.pngPI TAU SIGMA members are chosen on a basis of sound engineering ability, scholarship, personality, and probable future success in their chosen field of Mechanical Engineering. There are three grades of membership: Honorary, Graduate, and Active. Honorary members are technical graduates actively engaged in engineering work; or members of mechanical engineering faculties. Graduate membership is conferred upon persons who would have been eligible had Pi Tau Sigma been established earlier in schools not having chapters, or upon those continuing graduate study. Active members are selected from the junior and senior mechanical engineering classes at their respective schools whose mechanical engineering curriculum must be accredited by ABET.

Pi Tau Sigma had its beginnings in 1915 at the University of Illinois. The organization was established “to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to stimulate interest and coordinate departmental activities, and to promote the welfare of its members.” Since 1915, Pi Tau Sigma’s membership has grown to over 150 universities across the nation.

For additional information about Pi Tau Sigma, please visit the National website.


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